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Brunello Riserva

Brunello is obtained by Sangiovese grosso 100% wine making. Vineyards are trained using the horizontal cordon spur, they are mostly 15 years old and the plantation density is 4500 plants per hectare. Grapes are hand harvested during the first two weeks of October, direcly checking and discarding damaged bunches of grapes. Fermentation is held in the wine cellar, in 5000/10.000 liters capacity steel tanks. It lasts between 18 and 20 days with daily repassings and wine pressing. Must temperature is checked and kept in its limits with an external cooling system. Wine is then separated from its dregs and put in oak barrel for four years.


Brunello di Montalcino

Brunello Le Chiuse is a clear and bright wine and it has a vivid garnet-red colour. Its bouquet is intense and persistent, with various scents: soft fruit, jam and vanilla. Tasting it, the wine is round,elegant and persistent. It stands long ageings getting even better. It must be served at 18-20 C degrees. The bottle should be left at least 24h in a warm room, and it should be opened a few hours before serving. Each year has its own organoleptic characteristics and little differences. 20% of the best years production is left ageing in our wine cellars for one more year, giving life to Riserva.


Rosso di Montalcino

Rosso di Montalcino has the same working procedure as Brunello. Grapes and vineyards are the same Sangiovese grosso 100%. The only difference is that Rosso doesn't have to be aged.It has a vidid, clear and bright look, and its colour is deeply ruby red. The bouquet is intense, with a good fragrance, and small fresh friuts can be recognised in it. Its flavour is dry and has a good persistency. Even if it stands ageing, the wine is ready to be drunk. It has to be served at 18 C degrees. 



Spumante Brut “Stellare”

This classic method wine is the first one of its kind made completely in Montalcino.  Its goal is to embody all the characteristics of Sangiovese Grosso in the elegance of a sparkling wine.  Going outside the usual canons of Sangiovese, this wine expresses the unique personality of the Sangiovese variety.  Aged 24 months on its lees, this wine has a complexity and softness that gives the final product an important balance.  The harvest, which is done earlier than usual, allows “Stellare” to have a great acidity and flavor, resulting in a wine that is elegant, fresh and pleasant.



Grappa di Vinacce di Brunello Riserva

Our Grappa is made by the distillation of fermented marcs that come only from Brunello grapes of our winery. They are fresh marcs, slightly squeezed, whose vacuum distillation is made through modern stills. Never forgetting the traditions that made the product so famous and appreciated all aroud the world. This peculiar grappa is also aged in wood; this gives roundness and elegance to the taste. It is thanks to the care given to the distillation process that we manage to keep the original fragrances pure. This way our grappa is a recognisable product with remarkable taste, aroma and clearness. The delicate grappa has a 43% alcohol and is produced in small amounts. 





Olio extra vergine di Oliva

Extra virgin Le Chiuse olive oil is made with olives from many different olive trees, mainly Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino. Almost 6 hectares of the winery are destinated to olive trees, at around 600 meters height. Olives are hand gathered in November, when still not too ripe. This in order to make on oil rich in nutritive elements and vitamins. The milling made with quite unripe olives has a lower yield but gives a better quality oil. The olives are cold pressed and not filtered, as in the past, in order to mantain organoleptic oil qualities and respect its nature.